Sending all HTTP parameters in API Gateway

Here’s an API Gateway mapping template to send all HTTP path, query string, and header parameters to your backend integration (i.e. Lambda function).

#set($allParams = $input.params())
    "body-json" : "$input.json('$')",
    "params" : {
    #foreach($type in $allParams.keySet())
        #set($params = $allParams.get($type))
        "$type" : {
            #foreach($paramName in $params.keySet())
                "$paramName" : "$util.escapeJavaScript($params.get($paramName))"

will produce something like:


The parameters can then be accessed in your Lambda function, i.e.

exports.myHandler = function(event, context) {
   console.log("pathParamName1 = " + event.params.path.pathParamName1);

Here’s a Gist with the example.


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  1. That wouldn’t work currently as non-alpha characters aren’t supported in parameter names in API Gateway. I’ve seen many conventions for query string arrays/maps but there’s no accepted standard defined in RFC3986, so API Gateway typically doesn’t support these. I’d recommend following up on the API Gateway forums with your specific use case.



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